If you have been thinking about the benefits of being vegetarian, you may have thought about the health benefits. However, Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa is the first to know that not all the benefits of being vegetarian are health related. We know how important it is to make sure that the food that you are putting in your body is good for you and the environment; that is why we offer vegetarian options so that you can find the diet that is right for you. Contact us at Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa to learn more about our food and stop searching for “vegetarian food near me.”

Benefits of Being Vegetarian


Many of those who have made the switch over to becoming vegetarian are quick to point out all of the health benefits, and they are often well informed about the different ways that becoming vegetarian can immediately improve the state of your health as well as provide long term health benefits. However, many are surprised to discover the various environmental benefits to being a vegetarian. There are a wide array of benefits to be considered:


  •       Lower Methane Emissions: Each cow on a farm releases methane as a result of their digestion process and the fact that their food travels through four stomachs. Because of this, each cow and other four-stomached animals can have a serious impact on the environment—very closely comparable to the emissions from a car.


  •       Fewer Cleared Plots of Land: The more grazing animals there are, the larger the need is for more fields available for them to graze on. This means that there is more land devoted to feeding animals than there is to growing trees which can be used to clean the air.


  •       Better Distribution of Resources: The fact of the matter is that we have finite resources on our planet. If a good portion of our water is being used to feed cows and another good portion of our plants and greenery is being used for these same animals, then that is less food available to everyone. 

Where to Find “Vegetarian Food Near Me”


The benefits of being vegetarian are many, and do not just include health benefits. By finding the right vegetarian food, you can begin the journey toward having a healthier body and living in a better environment.

At Intelligent Gourmet, we focus on vegetarian foods to provide you with the highest quality foods and the best chance for helping the environment as well as your body. If you would like to learn more about our foods and how a vegetarian diet could help the environment, contact us at Intelligent Gourmet today or visit us to see what we have in stock for you.


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If you have been looking for “vegetarian food near me,” Intelligent Gourmet is your resource. With our grand selection of vegetarian options, you are certain to find the one that is right for you. Contact us at Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa to learn more.


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