When people hear the word “food”, their eyes light up and generally their mood becomes more positive. Food is a universal language that we all speak and can enjoy. The great thing about food is that it brings people together. Whether you are having a family dinner at an Italian restaurant with a party of 15 or you are eating a quick lunch with your friend, it is a means of bonding. As great as food can be, there are food selections that can actually decrease your energy and slow you down such as food from fast food restaurant chains. At Intelligent Gourmet, it is important for us that people are eating healthy and exercising their bodies in order to perform exceptionally in their daily activities. Unhealthy food can be tempting at times, but it is not worth it when you do your research and read the food labels. When you are looking for healthy menus or vegan restaurants near me to help you choose healthier eating habits, talk with our experts in Tampa.

FDA Label Updates

Whether you recognize it or not, food labels are important! When they first came about, there wasn’t much information pertaining to ingredients on them, but luckily, within the last year, the FDA is cracking down on these labels. They have started to improve nutrition fact labels to depict what is actually in the food we are eating. People are doing more and more research on the foods they are consuming which is why there is a heightened focus on food labels. These changes will help us make more responsible and knowledgeable choices when deciding what to consume food-wise.

Changes You Need To Know

If you are seeking vegan restaurants near me in Tampa with information on food labels, Intelligent Gourmet informs you of changes on food labels you need to know about:

  • Servings- Serving sizes have been updated to reflect what people eat and drink more accurately. The font size and boldness of this category has increased to stand out more on the label.
  • Calories- Calories are equal to energy, and if you do not expend energy, you are storing it. Since this label is vital, it has also been increased in font size and boldness.
  • Fats- The “calories from fat” section has been removed from food labels because research shows that the amount of fat content isn’t as important as the type of fat that is being consumed.
  • Added Sugars- It is now required to mention any “added sugars” to the label, either in grams or as a Percent Daily Value.
  • Nutrients- This has been updated to reflect a more accurate depiction of what Americans need to consume. Since many Americans are not acquiring the recommended amount of nutrients, they are now required on food labels.
  • Footnotes- The footnotes at the bottom of each nutritional label have been updated to display a more precise meaning of Percent Daily Value.

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When you are looking for vegan restaurants near me in Tampa, you must come to Intelligent Gourmet. Our experts can discuss the many benefits of following a healthy diet along with helping you better understand the updated food labels. To find out more about FDA approved food label updates, call us at 813-605-1297 or visit our website! https://ig2go.com/

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