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Healthy fast food options are difficult to come by: however, at Intelligent Gourmet, it is possible. Our products are all fresh and made to order here at Intelligent Gourmet located in Tampa, FL. Our meat is sourced from grass-fed beef pasture-raised at family-run ranches in America. All our pork is hormone and antibiotic free animals. They are raised with care which brings out the best-tasting beef there is to offer. Poultry has a lifestyle with plenty of fresh air, an all-vegetable diet and free from all chemical uses.


For our seafood, we work with local companies to source fish and shrimp. All seafood products are caught off the American coastlines. Produce is from the finest farmers in the southeast to bring in fresh fruits and vegetables, grown from the appropriate environment. Our bakery items are made fresh in house and are some of the best gluten-free options out there.


All our food is fresh and we take pride in knowing are customers are as  satisfied with their meals that are made to order. Healthy fast food is hard to find, so when you do take advantage of it!


A Glance at The Menu:

Greek Chicken With Feta Sauce – Fresh oregano, lemon stars marinate, feta cheese dressing to finish the dish.


Asian Turkey burger With Sriracha Aioli Our burgers are combined with ginger and scallions for the patties that are such full of flavor, Sesame-fried green beans and a creamy, spicy aioli sauce to make this dish complete and one of your favorites.


Caribbean Pork Tenderloin With Mango Salsa – We use heritage breed Duroc pork tenderloin, which means you’re getting the black angus of pork. Dry rubbed with allspice, ginger, thyme, and garlic offered in a sweet and tangy mango salsa.  


Vegan Grilled Cheese- Cheeses that are meltable and made from nuts. We love them on top of our whole wheat with thick slices of vine ripe tomatoes, vegan pesto, and vegan cheddar with greens.


All our specials are different weekly, featuring seasonal vegetables and locally sourced spices. Do not be afraid to try anything on the menu. Everything is fresh and can be specified any way you please.


Healthy Fast Food Options

Is there such a thing? Glad you asked, because Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL  might be the place you have been searching for. Everything we offer is delicious, healthy and something you will crave weekly. We guarantee it! Trying new places can be fun and when it is a healthy menu with a nice atmosphere, it makes all the difference.

Feel free to come in and sit down or take your meal to go. Stop in and take something that will make your heart and belly happy all at the same time. Healthy fast food is hard to come by and takes time to find in certain areas. Here in Tampa, FL we have endless opinions to meet your needs.


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Stop into Intelligent Gourmet today or call us 813.605.1297 to place an order! We look forward to seeing new faces and serving the healthiest meals around.

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