The main reason why Intelligent Gourmet, at 4245 Henderson Boulevard, is so highly-rated and reputable among the vegetarian restaurants in Tampa is their Founder and Creator, Linda Baldwin. She has followed the traditions, culture, and heritage of her large New Jersey Italian family with sharing the delicious and nutritious recipes that prove that food is love and love is in food. Their motto is “If you eat better, you will feel better, and live better.”

Linda, along with her mother and aunts, would get fresh meats from the local butcher and fresh produce from the local market, clip recipes from the NY Times, sort through their own recipes and plan their weekly meals.

Linda has spent her entire life seeking the education and training that allows her to bring smart nutrition to the table. She trained at the Institute of Integrative Health and Nutrition under world-renowned medical experts such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Mark Hyman and earned her certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

Health Coaches address the whole person and not just what to eat and what not to eat. They have a desire to make a difference in people’s lives and inspire them to grow habits that will result in their well-being. They learn specific protocols for blood sugar, diabetes, hormones, weight loss, digestion, fertility and more. They are thoroughly taught about nutrition plus the art and science of habit change so that their clients get real and lasting results.

Also being a certified plant-based chef, Linda added innovative culinary creations to the classic foods at Intelligent Gourmet, her casual and relaxing of vegetarian restaurants in Tampa, which is Tampa’s first prepared meal and juice distillery. She and her creative team of chefs have developed recipes from scratch with ingredients that are organic, all-natural, whole foods, unprocessed, fresh and never frozen, non-GMO verified, preservative-free, nitrate-free, antibiotic free, low in carbohydrates, and gluten free. Customers can enjoy a menu full of fresh ingredients and flavor in precisely prepared food that also has quality nutrition in each bite of the flavorful cuisine. The belief is that carbs and calories just need to be balanced properly to aid you in being energetic all through the day and look fantastic.

A certified plant-based chef has the key to health and longevity and emphasizes why following a plant-based diet and lifestyle is optimal for health. That includes diminishing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer with their prevention and reversal, and health care costs can steadily decrease.

Vegetarian cuisine is based on food that meets standards that do not include meat and animal tissue products. For lacto-ovo vegetarianism, which is the most common type in the Western world, eggs and dairy products such as cheese and milk are permitted. Traditional foods that are vegetarian are grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Soy products like tofu and tempeh are common protein sources. Textured vegetable protein (TVP) from defatted soy flour is often substituted in burger and chili recipes in place of ground meat.

You can enjoy Intelligent Gourmet’s healthy and unique creations being they are one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Tampa. Stop by on your way home to pick up dinner, order it online and have it delivered, or take part in one of their subscription plans.

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