Have you been searching for restaurants with vegetarian options to meet your diet needs? Well, the search is over for “vegetarian food near me” when you come into Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL to try some of the best vegetarian food you have ever had.

Restaurants With Vegetarian Options For You To Try


When you come into Intelligent Gourmet, you will eat better, feel better, and live better when you trust our vegetarian food options to incorporate into your diet. Take a look at a few of our favorite recipes:


Cajun Dusted Salmon with Remoulade

This rich salmon is seared in a cajun-inspired spice blend, then paired with creamy remoulade a classic french sauce that gets its pop of brininess from capers and chopped pickles. Sautéed greens with corn and red onion as the perfect compliment to finish off the dish.


Fresh Feast Vegetarian Focaccia Sandwich

With this sandwich you will taste focaccia, fire roasted-red pepper hummus, cucumber, roasted red pepper slices, and feta cheese.


Sunrise Bowl

Start your day off right with our organic sautéed greens, two cage free eggs over-easy, and non-GMO verified brown rice infused with veggies.


Breakfast Tacos

3 corn tortillas, cage free scrambled eggs, corn and black bean salsa, with cabbage garnish. Offered with a side of hot sauce, if you would like.


Mc Bitty’s Black Bean Burgers

Our black bean burgers are mixed with a number of fresh veggies, spices, a whole grain bun, sweet potato fries, and spicy ketchup.

Finding The Right Vegetarian Food Near Me


With any of these recipes you are getting nutrients and good flavors, and you get to stick to your very healthy vegetarian diet. Once you make a commitment, it is very important to stick to it. Our “vegetarian food near me” is right for you if you give us a chance and try our recipes. We can help you find a taste you enjoy or create something that you are craving to meet all your taste buds’ needs. We like to make our customers happy and ensure that our food brings their bodies the happiness they deserve. Let us show you how great our food products are and make you want to come back for more. When you find yourself searching for restaurants with vegetarian options, choose us and make the right decision to give your body what it deserves.


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If you have been looking for just the right vegetarian food near me, stop in or check out our menu online at Intelligent Gourmet to place your order today. Finding the right restaurants with vegetarian options you enjoy in Tampa, FL can be a challenge, but trust us to have something you will enjoy. Let us help you stick to your diet and open up your options all at the same time. It is possible to enjoy what you eat and live a healthy lifestyle because of it. Let us help you achieve your goals and show you some awesome vegetarian recipes.

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