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Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL offers organic, vegan, vegetarian,and most importantly all healthy food options! Healthy food near me is not hard to find once you try Intelligent Gourmet it will become one of your weekly spots! We guarantee that everything is made fresh to order and you will enjoy every last bite.

Organic Food Tampa

Just to list a few of our favorite healthy food near me options:

Bibb Lettuce Wraps- Organic living lettuce filled with either sustainable tuna salad or classic chicken salad, topped with tomato & avocado salsa


Healthy Mexi Bowl – sweet potato noodles tossed in our homemade chimichurri( herb blend of parsley, cilantro, green bell peppers & red wine vinegar) then topped with chipotle chicken, sweet bell peppers, onion & house corn & black bean pico. Add tofu if you would like instead of chicken.


Not your mama’s chicken tenders – 8 oz crispy corn crust is blended with ancho pepper, coconut, and walnuts for the perfect crunch. Served with honey mustard.


Turkey Pizza Supreme – We are obsessed with these little 6 inch pizzas. The crust is made of ground turkey with parmesan cheese, and crushed red peppers, topped with house marinara, whole milk mozzarella, peppers, onions and black olives.


Chicken Shawarma- tender marinated chicken breast, organic tomato paste, evvo, organic garlic, vinegar, paired with a green vegetable & brown rice with lemon garlic paste.    


Organic food Tampa, FL is all over, you just have find them. Good things do not come easy, which is why Intelligent Gourmet is here to help with many options for you to choose from. Feel good about the choices you make and things you put into your body. If you care about your body, others will too.

Healthy Food Near Me

All of our food at Intelligent Gourmet is made fresh and very healthy for you. We want you to be able to eat the foods you crave in a healthy way. The options listed above are chicken tenders, pizza, mexican bowl, etc however, just in a way that is healthy and delicious instead of just fast food and not so good for you. Wouldn’t you rather feel good about the foods you eat and put into your body? Organic Food Tampa, FL is out there, right in front of you actually, you just have to be willing to find it. If you are not sure about eating healthy, but want to try and make a change, come in and talk to us! We are here to help and make suggestions based on what you are looking for and how you want to change your lifestyle. It does not have to be overwhelming, good foods can be healthy and taste yummy too.


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Is there Healthy Food Near me? Maybe Organic food Tampa, FL I could. Intelligent Gourmet, located in Tampa, FL has all the answers and options you could imagine for living a healthy lifestyle. Check out our website to take a look at the menu or stop on in today!

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