Whether you’ve decided to convert to being a vegetarian for health or for ethical reasons, the fact is that you must transition and adjust to your new lifestyle. Follow these tips to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.


Go Slow


Complete the switch your way. Don’t feel that you need to cut everything out completely right away if you don’t think you can stop eating all types of meat at once. Try cutting out all red meat at first and once you feel comfortable without it, then eliminate fish and poultry.


Learn the nutritional requirements


You’ll need to make up for the nutrients that you aren’t getting from meat by eating other foods rich in these vitamins and minerals. The main ones to focus on are zinc, B12 and omega-3 fatty acids, but you can still get these from other sources. Many people worry about getting enough protein, but it’s primarily a matter of learning which foods are packed with it to ensure you’re enriching your diet with them.


Eat more


Eating more plant-based foods is beneficial to your health and can contribute to weight loss, but this doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself in the process. You’ll need to replace the meat you were eating with other healthy foods that still fill you up and don’t make you feel drained. Common staples in a vegetarian diet include beans, rice, grains, vegetables, and fruit. You might need to eat larger portions than you used to. Stock up on foods in the produce section and keep healthy snacks, such as nuts or fruit, around so you can grab a snack if you need a quick pick me up.


Look up recipes


You’re going into new territory by cutting such a large number of foods out of your diet, but this doesn’t mean you’re limited to eating fruits, vegetables, and salads exclusively. Look up a few vegetarian recipes and try making a few simple ones to grasp the basics of cooking as a vegetarian. Seek substitutions for meat products so you can still make your favorite dishes and don’t need to feel deprived. Get some ideas from visiting vegetarian restaurants in Tampa and trying out different dishes which you can emulate at home.


Staying on the path


Support is an important aspect of staying on a vegetarian diet. Let those close to you that you’ve made the switch so they can ensure you have options when it comes to get-togethers. Don’t be afraid to ask when going out to eat at one of the non-vegetarian restaurants in Tampa about the options available to you. They know the ingredients in each dish and which ones are definitely suitable for your eating habits.


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Transitioning to a vegetarian diet is a big decision for your health and lifestyle. You’re going to be eating things you’ve never heard or thought of before and experience all sorts of new tastes.Intelligent Gourmet makes the process stress free and easy with our large selection of vegetarian meal options and snacks at our restaurant. Contact us today!

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