There are so many types of diets, it may be difficult to decide which one works best for you when you are looking for a new diet to try. Some people are interested in diets for weight loss reasons and others have to be in a certain diet because of their food allergies or due to ethical reasons. Also, there are people who like to try diets just for the sake of dieting and there are even people who enjoy strict diets such as a vegan diet to test their discipline when it comes to food. Vegan diets are not easy to follow at first, especially if your body isn’t used to it, but once you are accustomed to the diet, you may find that you love it. A huge misconception of dieting is that you have to cut out all desserts but that is not true by any means. When you are looking for amazing vegan desserts at vegan restaurants near me, try Intelligent Gourmet.

The Desserts That We Offer

It can be hard to decide on what foods you like, but being on a certain diet such as vegan one can help narrow down your choices. Vegan desserts are very healthy, delicious and a great alternative to highly processed options. You are sure to love the desserts we carry here at Intelligent Gourmet. When searching for vegan restaurants near me for dessert, come check us out! Some of the desserts we offer include:

  • Apple Crisp- Our delicious apple crisp includes fuji and granny smith apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut palm sugar, and gluten free biscuit crust. What’s not to love! This is one of our consumers favorite vegan desserts.
  • Strawberry Lemonade Hyppo Popsicle- The strawberry lemonade popsicle that provides a refreshing bites, very few ingredients which are fresh strawberries, evaporated cane juice, and fresh squeezed lemon.
  • Champagne Mango Hyppo Popsicle- When you are looking for something a little more tropical, you should try our amazing champagne Mango popsicle made with fresh mangos, filtered water, evaporated cane juice, and fresh lime juice.
  • Watermelon Hibiscus Hyppo Popsicle- Made with fresh watermelon, evaporated cane juice, water, dried hibiscus, fresh lemon juice, and organic tapioca flour, this hyppo popsicle is nothing short of flavorful.

Why Try These Desserts?

When you were a kid, you were probably told “no dessert before dinner!” but that rule doesn’t have to apply when you grow up. Dessert is great any time of day, and if you are one of those people who fills up on dinner and can’t eat dessert, you should switch it up and try dessert before or even for dinner. Even though a vegan diet is healthy, that doesn’t mean you don’t have good choices to decide on when you are ready to have a meal. Make sure that you are eating the foods you need in order to obtain nutrients and vitamins but also let yourself indulge in one of our wonderful vegan desserts at Intelligent Gourmet.

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