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Be in the Know About Your Vegetarian Diet, Ask Questions!


What does it mean to be on a vegetarian diet?

Vegetarian simply means a plant based diet. There a several kinds of vegetarian diets, defined by the different kinds of food that are consumed. A strict vegetarian avoids all foods of the animal origin, including meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs.


Is a vegetarian diet the healthiest way to eat?

Yes and no. Being a vegetarian is a good way to stay healthy, for the general rules of a nutritionally balanced diet, allowing you to get the nutrients from vegetables that you miss from giving up animal foods. It is important to learn about being a vegetarian and know all your dietary needs before fully committing.


Does it cost more or less money to be a vegetarian?

Most vegetarian foods are actually cheaper. You are eating vegetables and healthy choices instead of fast food and junk. When you shop right and prepare most of your own meals you can eat for a decent price as a vegetarian.


Does a vegetarian diet get enough protein?

If you do not completely cut dairy, fish, and or eggs out of your diet, you will get plenty of protein in your diet. There are ways to provide a healthy diet as a vegetarian you just have to stay on top of the things you can eat in your diet.


Are vegetarians healthier in the long-run?

Yes! Plant eaters tend to live longer and healthier lives because they cut out the bad parts of their diets, such as meats. They have lower chances of getting certain diseases such as cancer and tend to have been vision. Over all vegetarians are leaner and live a healthy lifestyle compared to others.  


Important Reasons to Find Vegetarian Food Near Me


  1. Vegetarian food is naturally low in saturated fats and foods of plant origin contain little to no cholesterol. 
  2. Plant foods are high in fiber. 
  3. Many plant foods contain significant amounts of vital B-vitamins and folic-acid. And fruits and vegetables are powerful sources of phytochemicals. Nutrients that help every organ of your body work better. 
  4. Vegetarians eat fewer calories, since grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. It is about volume for volume, studies have shown that as long as you have a balanced diet and nutrition, even when you consume fewer calories you can live a longer and healthier life.


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If you are a vegetarian, or considering becoming one and have been searching for vegetarian food near me, Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL is the place for you. Ask all the questions you can about a vegetarian diet and try our recipes to be sure we have something you would like! Being a vegetarian is not always simple, but it is a great lifestyle to live by.  


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