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Intelligent Gourmet located in Tampa, FL offers a number of Vegetarian options. We believe in eating fresh and being happy. Our restaurant has been rated one of top Vegetarian restaurants in the Tampa area and we take pride in the fact that all our products are organic and made fresh daily. We have the option for you to come in and dine in as well as ordering online and getting your food delivered to you. Vegetarian food near me has never been so easy to find because Intelligent Gourmet has everything you could want and more!

Recipes to Try!
Vegetarian who’s looking for somewhere new to try with great food, stop in Intelligent Gourmet today and try one or all of these amazing vegetarian recipes:

Italian Style stuffed Peppers
Organic bell peppers, stuffed with organic rice & bean blend , saporito tomato sauces, organic herbs & spices, served with sauted spinach

Coconut Curry
Organic Seasonal Vegetables, coconut milk, organic sweet potatoes, red curry paste, organic vegetable broth – can add tofu-

Zucchini Pesto Pasta
Fresh Zoodles are tossed with chopped walnuts & grape tomatoes, then finished with our garlicky pesto made with with fresh herbs & nutritional yeast.

Kale & White Bean Stew
Organic Veggie Broth, Organic lentils, organic fire roasted tomato, organic kale.

Vietnamese Fresh Rolls
2 rolls- organic carrots, zucchini, sweet red bell pepper, organic mint, organic cilantro, spicy dipping sauce – can add tofu-

Vegetarian Food Near Me

Finding vegetarian food near me is not the problem, it is finding good vegetarian food, or options. So many times restaurants will have one vegetarian option or be able to remove the meat from a meal that is already prepared which is not the same. Good Vegetarian Food near me, you say? You will not be disappointed with Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL! If you are vegetarian and have a problem with eating out, and finding the right places for you, this is the place to try for sure. We have so many options and if you do not see something you like, we will make something you will like. We make it happen. Intelligent Gourmet will not let you down.

Being able to go to a place that offers meals with no meal is great. Making the choice to become vegetarian is not easy, so knowing there is a place that accepts that is nice. Sometimes cooking at home is just easier, however, on nights when I am running late from work, or forgot my lunch- it is good to know there is somewhere i can go and get a vegetarian meal and not feel like i am cheating myself. I can stay on track and feel good and being a vegetarian. Having vegetarian food near me is such a great thing and trying Intelligent Gourmet will be even better! Trying something new is always exciting and may become a new favorite.

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So happy there is Vegetarian food near me in Tampa, FL. Intelligent Gourmet will become a normal weekly visit for sure! Give us a call 813.605.1297, check out our website, or stop in.

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